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Our Philosophy

If you have no prior knowledge or experience with cryptocurrencies, or are afraid investing in crypto's is way too complicated---this school is for you! Our step-by-step training will provide you with the knowledge you need to begin investing in cryptocurrencies.

Our Commitment to Results

Our customer support team is available to answer your questions. We are constantly updating our learning content and site to ensure you receive the most up-to-date information.  We are here to help you succeed!

Our Experience

Our team has years of knowledge and experience buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Save time and costly mistakes by learning from our experts. It take most people months to research and fully understand the crypto world.  We have done all the research for you and can have you investing in no time!

Our Focus

Our focus is to get you started simply and easily in cryptocurrencies and show you how to protect your investment. We provide simple steps to purchase top ranked coins, as well as, less common coins, that you may not have heard of before. Our course is simple, straight forward and easy to understand for any age! Are your ready to get started in Cryptocurrencies today? JOIN TODAY!

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Sebastien N. Polny


Hello. Thank you for visiting Easy Crypto School. As an avid crypto investor, I created this company to bring others into the booming cryptocurrency industry.

When I first started learning to invest, I couldn't find a website that explained how to invest in simple language. It was frustrating! So I decided to make a school for first time investors to learn from!

My goal is to make the complicated topic of cryptocurrencies EASY. This way, anyone can get involved in the growing world of cryptocurrencies.